Who are you?

Our qualified pilot is Simon Folkard.  He is fully trained in all aspects of operating UAV’s, both the practicality and the theory.  He will sometimes be accompanied by a qualified observer, Rachel Speller to ensure safety on bigger jobs.

What do you fly?

We fly a Yuneec Typhoon H and a Yuneec Typhoon q500 4k. A relatively new name in the Drone / UAV market. However, the product is very stable in the air and built to a very high standard.

Can you fly in all weathers?

The restrictions of our equipment are such that we cannot, under any circumstance, fly in the rain, snow, or thunderstorms. Wind speeds up to 21mph are fine, but anything more is a no fly. Any other weather conditions are suitable.

How far can you fly?

We can fly up to 400ft high, and travel a distance of up to 500m away from the control station, as long as we can retain visual sight of the UAV at all times.

How long can you fly for?

We use LiPo batteries which give us approximately 20 minutes flying time per battery. We have multiple sets, so a longer job is not interrupted by having to stop to recharge, although we will need to pause briefly to swap the batteries over.

Are you insured?

Yes!! We are covered for up to £2,000,000 public liability insurance.

Can you do ground footage?

Yes we can – we always carry a DJI Osmo steadycam which films up to 4k. This gives a nice alternative during the final editing and gives a more complete coverage of your project.

How good is your camera?

We can film in up to 4k video at 30fps or 1080p up to 120fps (slow motion). We can also take 12MP stills in either JPEG or RAW (DNG) or we can extract 4k stills from any video footage which would be 8MP (JPEG).

Are you qualified?

YES WE ARE. Our pilot, Simon Folkard, is a CAA fully approved pilot who obtained a Class 1 pass on his BNUC-s ground test.

Can you fly anywhere?

In a word, no. The CAA has some very strict guidelines meaning that we cannot fly within 50m of a building or road unless it is within our control. There are exceptions to this rule which require special permissions, but these take time to obtain, are job specific, and incur further costs.